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About Us

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Beyond only a culinary delight, biryani embodies a sentiment and a timeless artifact from the regal era that we may still find in our kitchens. 

Behrouz has always been thrilled to participate in your festivities. We believe that biryani is the ideal treat for any occasion, no matter how big or small. 

We are here to celebrate your accomplishments with you, to cheer you up while you are apart from your loved ones, and to share your joy with your family and friends. Only with Tastyes may some festivities truly come true!

Having been crowned the most beloved Biryani brand in India, we had no intention of stopping. We wished to share this affection and the upcoming grand experience with you. Thus, we are creating each occasion here.

                                                 What Makes Tastyes Biryani Truly                          Royal & Special?


 Finest Ingredients 


Our biryanis are made with handpicked spices, freshest vegetables, and the finest Spices, Finest Basmati long Rice , that are slow-cooked with fragrant long grain rice to create an experience that feels like a royal feast


                Distinctive Cooking  Method


Composed of layers of flavorful long-grain rice, Fresh Veggies that are expertly seasoned with fine spices, and flavorful gravies that are slowly cooked together over a low heat. This unusual cooking technique is called dum Pukht in traditional usage! The most expertly prepared royal treat is biryani, which is made by slowly boiling rice until the tastes , spices, and herbs seep into the rice. This process works like magic. blending the tastes of Veggies, Paneer , spices, and herbs into the rice to create the most exquisitely prepared royal dish, biryani



 Genuine Royal Tastes 

                                Authentic Royal Flavours 

The idea that biryani is the most royal dish is the basis of Tastyes. What makes us happy is the regal eating experience that you will have. As a result, we serve a wide range of unusual biryanis on our menu, such as classic Veg Biryani,  Aloo Dum Veg  Biryani vegetarian, and paneer Dum  biryani. Paneer tikka Biryani 

 At Tastyes, we strive to give you the best possible service and guarantee to provide an unmatched culinary experience with every order, every time. Since we think that Tastyes is the only thing that can truly make some occasions unique!







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